Jazz Hands Scotland

About Us

Jazz Hands Scotland aims to promote the arts in Scotland by showcasing the very best talents via its website and social media websites too.

About Jazz Hands Scotland.

Jazz Hands Scotland launched in March 2010 and is main aim is to advertise any Dance, Drama or Music Clubs in Scotland FREE via its website and social media channels. 


Hello my Name is Andrew McVie I am 24 Years Old, I am the owner of Jazz Hands Scotland.

I set up Jazz Hands Scotland as a way of showing what Scotland has to offer in the field of Drama, Dance and Music by providing a website and social media platforms where clubs could come and showcase their next production or share with us some good news. Each month I collect information from clubs and update my calender with latest news and show information.

In 2017 Jazz Hands Scotland launched its very own Pantomime Club with its first  show planned for December 2018