Welcome to Jazz Hands Scotland

 Jazz Hands Scotland

If you are interested in performing we would love to welcome you
  • Previous experience not necessary
  • All ability ranges
  • Ages 18 upwards

We have lots going on now and in the future.  Whether its acting, dance or singing we have something that will suit you! We are getting involved in everything and becoming affiliated with great local, regional and national people, groups and events so if you want to be where its at and be part of something great join in with us.

With membership you receive:
  • Access to participate in our annual Pantomime and fundraising shows
  • Reduced rates for Creative Workshops and other events
  • Company newsletter and email updates
  • Access to take part in large public productions and smaller publicity and other festival performances indoor and outdoors

Membership and other costs
Fees are kept at affordable rates and structured in a simple and straight forward way to make it easily for you to pay. Rates can vary per project and change every year but are currently around £25 for Annual Membership with additional costs for costumes, scripts and Weekly Fees at a rate of £3 per rehearsal.

Our Membership fees allow you one years access to our group: Jan - Jan

Find out more and Apply for membership:
  • Please call us on 08438865549
  • or drop us an email
  • or fill out the form below:
You will then be sent further information

Note: We aim to get back to you within 5-7 days.

We are pleased/proud to accept members and volunteers from the LGBT+ Community and anyone not from this community into our group as members.